Nurturing Future Generation

01 September 2022

Each year, CAN invites students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to join the design teams for an intensive and rewarding 6-8 weeks Internship Program. We are thrilled to welcome six interns to the team this year.

Students from Columbia University in New York, Newcastle University in the UK, Tongji University, the University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University join the team to develop hands-on design experience and engage with CAN’s culture. The program provides students with an opportunity to gain and learn practical skills, and immerse into the process of creating built environment, and to explore career aspirations.

“At CAN, we put the mission of nurturing the next generation into action by providing diverse learning opportunities and supporting their all-round development with hands-on experiences. We are so proud of our interns’ talents and accomplishments and they have inject creativity and vitality into the team. We look forward to the rising stars of future design who will join us in shaping the communities of the future,” said Stephen Chow, Managing Director at CAN.

CAN’s internship program offers valuable opportunities for ambitious young talents to unleash their creativity and accelerate their ideas to create practical and innovative design solutions. We are so proud of our interns’ talents and accomplishments.


Our interns shared their fruitful 8-week journey at CAN:

1. What do you like the most about CAN?

Helen Qin: “The working environment is inclusive to all genders, races, and backgrounds. Directors and colleagues are friendly, and the non-hierarchy atmosphere allows everyone to speak up. I am impressed by the energy level of CAN and the team spirit and bonding that my team has cultivated over years.”

2. What is your key learning from your experience at CAN?

Tinnie Ma: “My software skills are enriched in general, and I learnt to be adaptable and efficient when completing different tasks during a job-bidding scenario. I was able to understand the flow of a bid job based in China and how team cooperation plays a crucial part in delivering the final design package efficiently.”

3. How was your time at CAN?

Billy Chen: “I would say it was full of laughter, challenges, and precious times. I enjoyed my time at CAN, and I am grateful to have met amazing people here, I learnt how to handle projects in Mainland China and review some regulations. I love CAN’s studio environment and the team culture.”

4. What was your most memorable moment at CAN?

Marco Chen: “I was invited to join the anniversary party on my first day at CAN. I enjoyed the team gathering and met different team members. The TGIF sessions also allows me to engage with the networking opportunities. I would say CAN team is definitely ‘work hard, play hard’.

5. Tell us a bit about your background and why you are interested in design?

Helen Qin: “I have had the privilege of living in different cities, each different from one another in the design of its built environment. The contrasts in the ways architecture in various locales influences people’s lifestyles and their urban experience have motivated me to further my studies in architecture with an emphasis on the urban context.”

6. How would you summarize your internship experience in one word?

Manli Yeung: “I CAN!”

Congratulations to all our interns for completing the internship program at CAN. Wishing our interns all the best in their studies and their future endeavours.

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