Shenzhen / China
CAPOL Shenzhen Office
Service | Signage Design
Sector | Office
Client | CAPOL Shenzhen
Size | 80,000m2
Goes Beyond Directional Signage

Longhua Headquarters is a 16-storey office design with public spaces and working environment interior. Utilizing green platforms to enhance the connection with exterior and to create a modern and sustainable office for a creative practice.

The team creates premium signage that sets brands apart and creates a unique sense of place. Based on the principle of simplicity and compatibility, the design transforms spaces into experiences with signs for different locations, from themed signs to skyline signs, toilet and exits signs to wayfinding systems. The signage reflects brand’s personality, and the form of wayfinding elements are customized to echo the architectural details on the facade.

Hong Kong
3805 – 3808, 38/F AIA Tower,
183 Electric Road, Fortress Hill
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