Chongqing / China
Chongqing Wide Horizon TOD
Service | Masterplanning, Architecture
Sector | Precinct Retail, Shopping Mall, Office
Client | Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group
Size | 78,800m²
Bridging the Boundaries of Ecology and Arts for a Commercial Complex

CAN is delivering masterplanning and architectural design for Chongqing Wide Horizon TOD Development. A world-class integrated masterplan within a sustainable environment, the development will be an exemplary new cityscape, combining mixed-use within a matrix of landscaped, walkable, and connected public areas, where people can live, work, and relax.

The design creates an iconic ‘Gateway’ in the new Chongqing Yuelai District. Through a series of connecting rings, the design aims to create a sequential journey that connects visitors through the precinct retail, F&B market, shopping mall, and office. The well-designed holistic masterplan brings people together around culture, nature, and the arts, functioning as a nexus between the various nodes of the city.
Hong Kong
3805 – 3808, 38/F AIA Tower,
183 Electric Road, Fortress Hill
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